Indigenous Design

Spirited, handmade, quality shoes out of traditional African Isishweshwe materials, hand embellished with African beadwork have an inspired, intimate, and emotive quality not found in mass produced apparel. We have a strong desire for tradition and cultural expression combined with urban, contemporary fashion. It is about happiness through a collective approach!

This is craft fusion of existing African traditional handskills and their transfer and exchange of design skills to build self-sustainable communities, giving vision and direction to make tribal work modern, magical and memorable. We believe in supporting the backlash against mass production and getting in touch with the more human aspects of handmade craftmanship which takes us back to older values, giving people individualism, empowerment and endless possibilities.

A take on a new and original look indigenous to our local South African cultures. Relevant, meaningful, enthusiastic, uniquely contemporary, and interesting. Exquisite attention to details, form and finish.

Craft is our Afrodisiac for it’s creativity, individuality, cultural expression, original unique wit and flair, and status as an art form. It is our dream to create future heirlooms depicting our culture and heritage.

A New Breed

This footwear is discerning in it’s haute-exclusivity, personality, and comfort. Revolutionary, on-off, functional, wearable art – An alternative look at the brighter side of mankind’s adventurous spirit!

History of Isishweshwe

Modern Isishweshwe fabric comes in many designs and Colours and has customarily been used mainly for African Traditional clothing. Isishweshwe is used in contemporary South Africa clothing design for women and men from all Ethnic groups.

It is the denim of South Africa and signifies indigenous black culture. Factors such as value, class, aspirations and desire are embedded in the threads of its cultural meaning.

It is the fabric Culturally loaded in African fashion and South Africa has a long standing love affair with Isishweshwe. Tshikiza Apparel has since expanded the use of the fabric to include a range of modern shoes, dresses, shirts, handbags, laptop bags, hats and beaded jewelery.